Group Reformer Classical Flow

This class focuses on form and technique while still offering a nice flow to it. Using all traditional Pilates’ equipment, such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda –and High Chair and Props like Magic Circle and Foam Rollers. Teaching the importance of a correct core, control and proprioception, mindful movement and incorporation of breath and body awareness this class is great for all levels. 

Prerequisite: 3 Intro Special

Pilates Reformer Move and More

This is an intermediate class taking you to the next level. If offers a contemporary style mixed with classical Pilates. This class incorporates Reformer, Cadillac, Jump Board, High- and Wunda Chair, Barre and Mat using complex moves to challenge your coordination, control, balance and core strength.

 Prerequisite: minimum of 20 Reformer Classical Flow classes- or some private classes- you have to be injury free.

Pilates Core Cardio Control ( 3C’s)

Fun and dynamic class using all different equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Jump Board, Mat, Boxes, lightweights and Barre. Experience the fusion of a healthy version of Boot Camp with the classical Pilates equipment. Focusing on arms, glutes, abs, legs, cardio health and conditioning.

Prerequisite: must have taken a minimum of 10 Reformer Move and More classes – or some private classes- you have to be injury free.

Stretch, Massage & Meditation

The perfect class after a long day/ week or after a challenging workout. Or just want to calm your muscles and mind? We will use Foam Rollers, Bands and massage balls to help us with the stretch and massage. You will fill rejuvenated, stretched out and in more peace after this wonderful relaxing class.

Pilates Mat & More

Going back to Mr. Pilates’s roots: focusing on the Pilates Principals, energetic flow of different floor exercises, combined with several different props such as Magic Circle, Fit Balls and Thera Bands. Enjoy feeling the challenge of using just your own body in all its different positions. You will feel a few inches taller more energized and relaxed after this spirited workout. For all levels. But 3 Intro advised.

Assisted Stretching

30 minutes of guided and some hands on stretches. Loosen those tight areas, releasing toxins in the body. We will use Foam Rollers, hands on, Bands, Magic Circles and other tools, as well as gravity to find a deep but healthy stretch. If wanted we are happy to use essential oils on specific areas.

Welcome Packages


$ 195
  • 3 Private Sessions (Physiotherapy consultation if requested)

Private Sessions

Private Session

$ 80
  • 1 Private Session

6 Private Classes

$ 450
  • 6 Private Session Classes
  • Expires in 1 month

10 Private Classes

$ 700
  • 10 Private Session Classes
  • Expires in 2 months


*Pricing is per person


$ 50
  • Duet Class.

6 Duet Classes

$ 270
  • 6 Duet Classes
  • Expires in 1 month

10 Duet Classes

$ 400
  • 10 Duet Session Classes
  • Expires in 2 months

Group Reformer Class

Classes of 2 to 4 people with 1 Instructor

Per Class

$ 35
  • Walk-In Class

10 Reformer Classes

$ 280
  • 10 Classes
  • Expires in 2 months

Stretch | Massage & Meditation | Mat

Classes of 2 to 8 people with 1 Instructor. 50 Minutes.

Per Class

$ 30
  • Walk-In Class

10 Stretch Classes

$ 250
  • 10 Classes
  • Expires in 2 months

Assisted Stretch

Assisted Stretch

$ 35
  • Assisted Stretch


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