Why Pilates?

Reichert Pilates


Pilates is a low impact strength training, which will elongate, strengthen and realign the body. It has also shown significant benefits to the neurological system, therefore helping with depression or stress relieve. Pilates Teachers have a profound anatomical understanding of the body’s muscular and skeletal system and will develop an exercise program based on each client’s individual need. In Pilates you will work your whole body especially the so often forgotten “small” stabilizing muscles in our body. From our deep structural muscles of the spine and shoulders, abdominals, pelvis and diaphragm to the bigger ones such as quads, biceps and glutes to just name a few. Osteopaths, physiotherapist, chiropractors, general practitioners as well as OB-GYN are recommending Pilates as the safest and most effective way of exercise. Pilates is your safest and most beneficial workout regardless or your age or fitness level.

Core Strength

Improving Flexibility

Pre & Post Partum

Weight Loss

Reduces Stress

Mental Health

Reichert Principles

Reichert Pilates makeup is based on the classic principles of the original Pilates framework. We also include the following principles in our practice.

Classic Principles

These are the basic principles of Pilates since it originated by Joseph Pilates in 1900’s. These key principles are still used today in all exercises.