Most frequent questions and answers

We love helping new people. The best way to start your “Pilates journey” is our 3 INTRO SPECIAL: it is only $175 for 3 private classes, including one class with a Physiotherapist if requested. After your intro we will guide you which way will be the best for you to go.

We always offer modifications to the exercises and encourage you to move at your own pace. As we have small group classes it will be easy to modify and watch you closely to make sure you are safe.

Ideally wear comfortable workout clothes. You don’t need shoes, but you would need grip socks or toe socks- if you don’t have them we sell them at the studio. We suggest running shoes for TRX classes.

You can sign up online from our website or call/email the Studio.

Please sign up for the waitlist- you will be notified if a client cancels.

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance of your class.
If you do not cancel before this window you will be automatically charged for the class or session.
To cancel a class you may cancel online, phone the studio or send an email.

Absolutely! Joseph H. Pilates created the method, in the early 1900s. He trained boxers and gave self- defense classes to police men and firefighters.

You will build and tone your muscles with Pilates. All of our classes involve safe strength training; stretches and some classes offer a great cardio workout. With proper diet and a good mix of classes, you will feel a change in your body. We are also happy to assist you further on this in class.

In order to keep you safe and be able to offer a risk free and challenging workout to our clients you would be required to take the intro class prior to other classes available. Once intro is completed you can sign up for other classes.

Working out 4 to 5 times a week is ideal. Especially Pilates, since it is a low impact full body workout. Joseph Pilates said: “In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you will have a whole new body.” Of course, we would love to see you every day!

Then you found the right workout for you! Building your core will improve back issues. Sciatica, Scoliosis, Herniated Disk or Lumbago are only a few things Pilates can help with. We highly recommend a few one on one sessions before joining a group to make sure we find the right exercises for you.

Congratulations! Pilates has been proven to be very helpful during pregnancy, giving birth and postnatal recovery. It is a great way to stay connected to your changing body, keep you toned and prepare you for delivery and after having the baby. There are many modifications to a standard class to ensure you have a safe and challenging workout.
After the first trimester we only allow pregnant clients to take Privates, or Duet sessions as the safety and quality of the workout is our number one priority. Always get a doctor approval to make sure Pilates is ok during your pregnancy.

Absolutely- with only 4 clients in an equipment class and up to 10 in our Mat classes our instructors can modify any exercises for you. Please let us know if you have any special needs or injuries prior to the class- to be able to advice you if taking the class is safe for you or a one on one session would be more beneficial to you.

We use top of the line, brand new, Balanced Body equipment. Such as Studio Reformers, Towers, Jump boards and High Chairs.
We think you will enjoy the equipment as much as we do.

Some of our trainers have a Physiotherapist or Occupational therapist license as well others continued their education with several workshops in different specialties. All our instructors have at least one or two full comprehensive Pilates equipment and mat training. One comprehensive Pilates Training takes up to 2 years and requires over 400- 800 practice hours.